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What Are The 4 Immigration Types to Immigrate In 2023?

The best destination for immigrants is the United States (US). If you also want to immigrate to the US, first, you must know about the immigration types of visas and jobs.

The United States (US) is a famous destination for employment-based immigrants worldwide who desire a sounder life for their families and themselves. Some immigrants came to the United States lawfully or without any advanced degrees. However, some entered the country via unlawful standards. But did you know there’s an immense dissimilarity between immigration?

If not, don’t worry; we are discussing in this blog a complete overview of immigration and its types. Let’s dive into depth.

Immigration Meaning

Do you know about immigration ever? If not, at first, you must know its clear-cut meaning. It’s included in one of the most prevalent concepts—a simple meaning of immigration as coming to a foreign country to live there.

Throughout history, immigration has been of significant economic, cultural, and social use to the diverse states in the U.S. The various waves of immigration over the years have grown into different multicultural communities. They generated the spread of various cultures and an inflow of people of various nationalities that improved the culture of the U.S. (United States).

Overview Of 4 Immigration Types

To immigrate to the U.S. (United States), you require an immigration visa to join and support immigrant status to finish the political opinion for moral character. But there is no single kind of immigrant status. Every immigrant drops into four types. Do you know the immigration types, and which should you apply for them? Let’s know detailed information about it.

You can hold four immigrant types if you’re immigrating to the U.S. (United States). We will dig into each of them below.

1. Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR)

LPRs get green cards when they reach the U.S. It includes the best immigration types. With lawful permanent resident status, immigrants can be ready for American citizenship after 3 to 4 years of steady stay. It’s best for a student visa and unmarried children.

Per annum, more than 1 million immigrants obtain lawful permanent resident status. They can stay and work in the U.S. and settle taxes. They can likewise experience voting and specific social benefits.

There are various kinds of green cards allocated. These are:

  • Family-based green cards
  • Humanitarian green cards
  • Employment-based green cards
  • Diversity lottery green cards
  • Longtime-resident green cards

(i) Family-based green cards

Family-based green cards are allocated to foreign relatives of United States residents. When immigrants arrive in the United States, they can become American nationals after fulfilling the prerequisites. Then they can support their home members through family-based green cards.

(ii) Employment-based green cards

On the other hand, employment-based green cards are allocated to foreign employees who U.S.-based international organizations support to come and operate in the U.S. The H1B visa is a prime example. It’s designed for special immigrants. Religious workers and skilled workers can take the nonimmigrant visa.

Also, other kinds of green cards are allocated to additional types of employment-based immigrants. Lottery green cards are allocated to people of a particular country that does not receive enough green cards. The H-1B DOL USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) allocates up to 55,000 variety lottery green cards annually to enhance the country’s diversity.

2. Temporary Visitor 

It includes the best immigration types. Immigrants who only want to stay in the United States or Hong kong temporarily might apply for and get a tourist visa for pleasure visitor. They plan to leave the nation once their visa expires and return to their own country.

  • Temporary immigrants include those who enter the country legally but only for a short period, such as those who enter on a B2 guest visa or a B1 business visa. They will have to depart the United States after their designated tasks or purposes have been fulfilled if they cannot extend their visa. If you want to apply for a non-immigrant visa as a foreign national, foreign nationals must fill out Form DS-160, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. By checking this box, I confirm that my visit here is temporary. It includes the best types of immigration.
  • The objective of a tourist visa is to allow the holder to enter a country for tourism, vacation, medical treatment, or to visit family. Visa durations may be anything from one month to ten years. Also, follow the immigration law to fulfill the extraordinary ability.
  • Business visitors with a B1 visa for business purposes are allowed to remain for up to two years but must leave and return. They may have business-related reasons for visiting the nation, such as attending a conference, meeting with partners, negotiating a contract, or handling an estate.
Purpose of TravelVisa CategoryRequired: Before applying for a visa
Athlete, amateur or professional (competing for prize money only)B-1(NA)
Au pair (exchange visitor)JSEVIS
Australian professional specialtyE-3DOL
Renewals in the U.S. – A, G, and NATO Visas(NA)
Temporary agricultural workerH-2ADOL then USCIS
Border Crossing Card: MexicoBCC(NA)
Foreign military personnel stationed in the United StatesA-2NATO1-6(NA)
Treaty trader/treaty investorE(NA)
Victim of Human TraffickingTUSCIS
Employee of a designated international organization or NATOG1-G5, NATO(NA)
Media, the journalistI(NA)

3. Undocumented Immigrant 

It includes the best immigration types. Many thousands of individuals enter the United States outside of legal channels every year. Unless the government detains them, they can live and work illegally in the United States. These non-citizens may also be arrested at a port of entry and sent to a detention facility for questioning.

  • Some are granted immigration status, while others are sent back home. Those granted immigration status are known as “illegal immigrants” since they lack proper documentation. These student advantages are not granted by SEVP and mandate students to apply to other government agencies to obtain them.
  • Data reveals that the majority (62%) of illegal immigrants in the US are here because they overstayed their visas rather than entering the country unlawfully.
  • Therefore, if you overstay your visa and continue to reside in the nation, you may be considered an illegal immigrant even though you entered the country legally. If you cannot extend your visa, you should depart the United States well before its expiration date.

4. United States Citizen

If you enter the United States, you may become a citizen even if you were born and raised elsewhere. It includes the best immigration types. Unlike those born in other countries, you don’t have to go through the citizenship process. The Immigration and Nationality Act, sections 301(a), (b), and (c), handle this situation (c).

  • To qualify, you must have a parent who is a naturalized or native-born American citizen. In other words, you may still apply for and be granted U.S. citizenship even though you’ve spent your whole life outside the country. However, you will need to apply and undergo a verification procedure to verify that your parent is a legal U.S. resident or foreign government official A.
  • Valid forms of identification, including passports, driver’s licenses, advanced degrees, and birth certificates issued by the appropriate authorities and cultural exchange visitors, must be shown. Second, you’ll have to provide proof that you are, in fact, their kid. To establish your legitimacy, you must provide a CRBA (Consular Report of Birth Abroad). It is best for religious workers and unmarried children. 
  • The visa to enter the United States as an American citizen will be issued after your paperwork has been reviewed and accepted. Your Social Security card will arrive in the mail at some point. You will have all the privileges of a regular American citizen.

What Is Immigration Status?

Immigration status guides the form in which an individual is present in the U.S. (United States). Also, it’s most vital for a student visa and domestic employee. It requires knowing government employees. Each person has an immigration status. Some instances of immigration status contain

  • US citizen (Note: Although indigenous people’s roots long predate the creation of the US (United States), they did not provide US citizenship until Congress passed the Indian Citizenship Act in 1924 (it would be long before they received the right to vote), after a patchwork of approaches with select groups, such as treaties and permissions to apply for citizenship. At present, many indigenous people also hold citizenship in a federally-recognized Indian tribe.
  • Legal Permanent Resident (“green card holder”), which can be obtained by:
  • Family petitions
  • Employer petitions
  • Conditional Permanent Resident
  • Violence Against Women Act self-petitions (of any gender)


In this blog, we discuss the four immigration types. If you want to know about them, follow the above-given information.

When applying for a U.S. (United States) immigrant from countries or non-immigrant visas, it’s crucial to know the immigration types. Because it changes from time to time for government employees, etc.

What is pertinent today might become irrelevant in the future. That’s when you must desire the help of an experienced immigration counselor or CNMI-only transitional worker. Want to know more about immigration? If yes, then get it touch with Filing Visa Experts now.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the immigration types of jobs?

The types of immigration jobs are the Immigration Consultant category of visa, immigration paralegal, immigration officer, immigration attorney/lawyer, etc.

How does the US Immigration system work?

Other major types include economic and humanitarian immigrants with applicable statutes and immigrants from countries with relatively low levels and exceptional abilities of immigration to the United States.

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